Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz Luthi’ (Maidenhair Fern) in 6cm Pot

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Ferns are some of the oldest varieties of plants still in existence today and they grow all over the world in differing shapes and sizes. This Adiantum is better known by its common name of the Maidenhair Fern and it’s a wonderful variety with delicate black stalk fronds filled with small green leaves that produce a lacy effect. They can be found all over the world growing in shady rock crevices or river banks. These plants love humidity; a shadier spot in a bright bathroom can be the perfect location, but humidity can be achieved anywhere in the house with a spray bottle to mist the leaves. The beautiful foliage of these ferns makes them a great houseplant for adding life and colour to any space.

Supplied in a 6cm pot

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