Cryptanthus (Earth Star) Mix in 8.5cm Pot

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A member of the Bromeliad family, Cryptanthus have the nickname ‘Earth Stars’ because of their appearance as they grow on the forest floor in their native home of Brazil.

  • Light: These plants are happy to be in a low light situation but can tolerate filtered light. 
  • Water: Keep soil slightly damp but is forgiven if forgotten about every now and then. Do not be tempted to water into the centre rosette as this may cause fungal infections.
  • Feed: Use a diluted feed once a month.
  • Humidity: Cryptanthus prefer to be kept in a humid environment, making kitchens and bathrooms ideal.  They require regular misting with water and a periodic mist feeding.

Supplied in a 8.5cm pot

Price is per plant

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