Dioscorea elephantipes (Elephant’s Foot) 8cm Pot

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Dioscorea or Elephants foot is a South African native found in arid inland regions of the Cape. This plant belongs to a category of plants known as caudiciform as they possess a caudex- a fat, stout stem/ root that sits above ground.

This incredible plant almost looks as though encased in armour with a thick woody shell protecting it from harm that sprouts in Spring when light levels rise and wither in the Autumn.

It is best to cut stems back to base when leaves turn brown to avoid harbouring pests and disease and to ensure you get a healthy flush of new growth again come spring. This plant makes a fantastic and unusual addition to a plant collection.

  • Keep in a bright sunny spot for optimum growth.
  • Water around once a week when in leaf
  • Feed with a houseplant feed for lush green growth
  • Don’t water over winter when the foliage has died back
  • Plant in a free-draining mix to avoid tuber rotting

Supplied in an 8cm pot

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