Elho Amazing Avocado Pot


Grow your own avocado plant with the amazing avocado pot. Place an avocado pit on the floater that floats on the water in the outer pot. A few weeks later, you’ll see the first roots growing. Now you can plant the pit in potting soil and add greenery to your home.

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious avocado, keep the pit. Give it a wash and remove the brown outer skin. Place the pit round side down in the floater. Fill a flower pot or dish with water and place the floater inside. Wait patiently, and change the water once a week. After 3-4 weeks, the pit will start to split open, and roots will appear. You’ll see the first leaves after about 6-8 weeks. When the avocado plant is about 15 cm tall, replace the water with potting soil. Put it in a sunny spot and enjoy your own mini avocado tree!

There’s no need to wait for spring or summer – you can grow this plant in autumn and winter. Put the amazing avocado floater on your kitchen counter or windowsill. You’ll be able to watch it grow from avocado pit to avocado plant.

H 15.1cm x Dia 12cm

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