Ludisia discolor ‘Ruby’ (Jewel Orchid) 12cm Pot

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Jewel orchids (Ludisia discolor) are an unusual type of orchid, grown for their foliage rather than their flowers. Unlike other orchids, they are terrestrial, growing on the ground in their native habitats. This orchid can produce small white flowers when mature, held on long upright stems, but these are not as impressive as their eye-catching leaves.

Jewel orchids usually flower in winter, when the temperature falls, but can bloom throughout the year. In their native habitat, in South East Asia, Ludisia discolor grows close to the ground, so it can tolerate some shade, although it won’t thrive in a spot with no natural light. A shallow, wide container will work well for your orchid as they grow by creeping rhizomes that spread outwards and therefore don’t need a deep pot for their roots.

Jewel orchids will grow well in bright, indirect light but can also tolerate shade. Avoid putting this plant in direct sunlight as it will scorch the foliage. Make sure wherever you place your plant is above 15ºC and away from any draughts or radiators. Jewel orchids like humidity so a steamy bathroom or kitchen would be a good location for this plant.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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