Mr Fothergill’s Beetroot Pablo F1 Seeds

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A regular show winning variety

Popular, high quality variety with excellent flavour.  Deep red roots are uniform in shape and size.  Excellent source of folate and a good source of potassium. Multigerm variety.

A Best Buy variety as recommended by the Gardening Press and Consumer Groups.

150 Seeds

Sow outdoors thinly where they are to crop, 2.5cm (1”) deep directly into finely prepared soil which has already been watered. Allow 30cm (1’) between rows. Seedlings usually appear in 7-21 days. Thin seedlings to 10cm (4”) apart. Water well until plants are established. Regular sowings made every three weeks should ensure a continuous supply of young beets. Harvested roots can be stored in dry sand for winter use.

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