Mr Fothergill’s Lettuce Gustav’s Salad Seeds

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This tender melt-in-the-mouth butterhead type is a true Dutch heirloom variety from the southern isles, lovingly bred for delicious flavour and texture.

The story of ‘Gustav’s Salad’. Gustav was a local from one of the Southern Dutch isles who had developed his own strain of ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ butterhead lettuce. He used to ride his bicycle all over the village, a bucket filled with lettuce heads dangling from his handlebar, delivering them to numerous tables in the village. He let some of his lettuce mature to grow seed for the next year so that he could grow more of his own flavourful lettuce. Gustav continued growing lettuce known by the locals as ‘Sla van Pa’ (Pappy’s Salad) for more than 40 years!

1000 Seeds

Sow outdoors sow thinly, March-August where they are to crop, 1.5cm (½in) deep, directly into finely-prepared, fertile, moisture-retentive soil, which has already been watered. Allow 25cm (10in) between rows. Early and late sowings may benefit from cloche protection. Seedlings usually appear in 7-14 days. Thin out to 20cm (8in) apart, transplant thinnings if required. Water well until plants are established. Regular sowings, made every two to three weeks, will ensure a continuous supply. Harvest: May-October.

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