Mr Fothergill’s Nigella Midnight Seeds

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Exotic, rich dark purple flowers above delicate, lacy, finely cut foliage. Quirky, dark purple seed pods extend the season of interest. Superb for cutting, used fresh or dried.

Height: 90 cm/36-inch
Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA)
Habit: Tall

Useful Information: Suitable for cutting; Full sun

Sow and Grow: Sow outdoors, March-May or August-October, where they are to flower, 0.5 cm (1/4-inch) deep, directly into finely-prepared, well-drained soil, which has already been watered. Seedlings usually appear in 14-28 days. Thin them to 20 cm (8-inch) apart and water well until plants are established. For a continuous display, make sowings at two to three-week intervals. Sowings made in curves, rather than straight lines, often create a more pleasing effect. Late summer and autumn sowings will flower the following year, often earlier than spring sowings. Flowers: May to September.

Hints and Tips: Remove dead heads to prolong the flowering season. To dry, cut flower stems or seed pods and hang upside down in a dry, airy place until ready.

200 Seeds

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