Musa acuminata ‘Tropicana’ (Banana Plant) in 12cm Pot

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Musa acuminata ‘Tropicana’ also known as the Dwarf Cavendish Banana is compact and fairly symmetrical in appearance with an ultimate height of between 1-2m tall. Mostly grown for its foliage it has large exotic paddle shaped leaves, mid green in colour which create an instant impact. Young plants have a maroon-purple patternation on their leaves which often disappears as the leaf matures. In the right conditions and when the plant is mature enough it can make small bananas which are edible. Suckers freely. Easy to grow, just water and feed generously during the growing season. Frost tender it makes a great ornamental plant for containers in conservatories and bright rooms bringing a piece of tropical inside.

Supplied in a 12cm pot.

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