Nertera depressa / granadensis (Coral Bead Plant)

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The Nertera granadensis is a creeping, mat-forming plant that produces star-shaped flowers before small and round berries, usually orange in colour but also white, yellow and cream.This plant originates from New Zealand, Eastern Australia, Southeast Asia and South America and typically grows in damp, cool places such as wetlands and marshes.

The Nertera granadensis is perennial and will flower in late spring and early summer providing it gets plenty of access to bright light. It can be propagated either by taking tip cuttings in the spring or by division. They can also be grown from seed, although these are harder to find.

Care Tips
This plant should ideally be placed somewhere that is cool and damp, but with some indirect light. Sheltered spots that have sufficient drainage are best, and the soil will need to dry out somewhat between each watering.
The plant benefits from a monthly feeding, when the berries begin to form. When the berries turn black, they are dead and should be removed. Once mature, the plants benefit from being repotted once every two years.

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