Philodendron ‘Red Sun’ 6cm Pot

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Philodendron Red Sun is a new and highly decorative variety with glossy foliage that changes colour! New leaves emerge a bright red fading into burgundy and eventually mature to green. If you love colourful Aroids, then this plant is your perfect match!

Philodendron Red Sun is a very easygoing and low-maintenance houseplant that is suitable for beginners. Philodendrons are by nature very adaptive to different light and water conditions. It is the perfect choice for a corner with low light and will forgive you of you forget to water. This is why they are very easygoing and rewarding houseplants for both beginners and more seasoned plant parents!

Philodendron Red Sun is a climber and can grow quite tall, so it will love you for giving it a pole on its way up!

Supplied in a 6cm pot

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