Sansevieria kirkii ‘Friends’ (Mother in Law’s Tongue, Snake Plant)

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One of our new Sansevierias, this plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, but it still looks really good. It has sword-shaped, slightly fleshy leaves, which are irregularly mottled, and these form a splayed cluster that also has architectural appeal. It’s ideal for the novice indoor gardener.

The main thing to avoid with this plant is overwatering, so only water (avoiding the crown) when the compost gets quite dry. In winter you can cut back even more and only water every month or two and keep temperatures above 10°C. Sansevierias do best in indirect light. However, they will do fine in low light areas and can also withstand full sun. Repot every few years when the roots start to split the pot.

Supplied in a 10.5cm pot

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