Schlumbergera Wild Christmas Cactus Mix in 11cm Pot

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Often flowering in late autumn and winter, this easy to grow succulent will add a bright splash of colour to your home during some of the darker months of the year.

Because of where this plant comes from, it likes a bright spot but not in direct sun with a humid atmosphere – so you could stand it on a saucer of damp gravel to improve the humidity. It is an easy plant to care for, but if you want it to flower each Christmas there are a few rules to follow.

Basically it needs 2 resting periods, so after it has flowered in late January reduce the watering and move to a cooler room with a temperature of approx 12-15°C. Water sparingly but don’t let it dry out. Then from April to September increase the water and start to feed with a liquid houseplant fertiliser and move to a warmer room with a temperature of around 18-20°C. The flower buds should start to form in mid-September, so you will need to reduce the temperature and watering as before for the 2nd resting period. Once the flower buds have developed you again increase the temperature and watering. Then you should be rewarded with another lovely Christmas floral display! For healthy growth, it is best to repot every year at the end of March using a cactus potting compost or John Innes No.2 with added grit.

Supplied in an 11cm pot

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