Vriesea Mix 5.5cm Pot

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Vriesea is one of the bromeliad family and are known for their striking flat flower spikes that come in a variety of bright colours.

The leaves on vriesea plants tend to be large, strap-like and glossy and are decorative in their own right.

Unlike many plants, vriesea has no roots and the plant takes in its nutrients via a rosette of leaves.

As vriesea do not need soil to survive, they can be presented in unusual and attractive containers. They can be potted in a fast draining soil. Bromeliads produce offshoots that can be potted on to produce more plants with relative ease and success. Their unusual flowers mean they are extremely popular as houseplants and as gifts.

Warmth is essential for vriesea to thrive. The centre rosette or cup of the plant’s foliage should be kept full of spring water which should be changed often. The plant will take all its nutrients through the same central cup and liquid fertiliser should be applied very sparingly. The plants enjoy humidity and being misted should provide the humidity they require.

Supplied in a 5.5cm pot

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